Social Classes

This page details the social structure in Greater New Sylarium Falls and the surrounding area.

In basic terms, society in Sylarium is divided between the poor and the wealthy, though many classes exist in each category. It is important to note that while the vast majority of society recognizes these classes, not everyone is so willing to accept their place. It is also important to note that Sylarium society is humanocentric; non-humans are rarely given any respect.

The following lists the social classes from lowest to highest. A few classes are given the same basic stratum.
Free Non-Humans
Slaves (including non-human slaves)
Free Servants
Craftsmen or Yeomen
Merchants (including craftsmen belonging to a guild)
House Members
House Masters or Minor, Landless Nobility
Landed Nobility

Lower Classes
Non-humans and servants of various kinds fall into this social category. Servants are usually slaves, but there are some free servants. Typically, only the wealthy can afford to pay servants; the vast majority of house servants are slaves. More information about the various types of slaves is found here. Unguilded craftsmen and yeoman farmers are usually lumped in with the lower classes, although these people usually occupy a strange space between the lower and upper classes.

Upper Classes
The upper classes of society include both the vastly wealthy and powerful and those who aspire to such a state. The lowest rung of this ladder is the merchant class, which also includes craftsmen who belong to a guild. Members of a noble house (or noble members of a guild) are up the ladder. Next are noble house masters and those landless nobles not belonging to a particular house. The height of the social ladder is the landed nobility class.

Social Classes

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