Faustus' Journal

About one week after Faustus’ death, the students decided to search Faustus’ office. It appeared that virtually all of Faustus’ possessions had been removed when one of the students discovered a false bottom in a desk drawer. In the hidden compartment was Faustus’ personal journal. As the student reached to undo the clasp on the journal, Bertran called out, “wait, it’s warded.” Unfortunately, Bertran was a second too late. The student undid the clasp and the journal burst into flames. Bertran quickly counter spelled the warding spell, but most of the damage had already been done. Only a few random entries were still legible:

[illegible] such wonderful progress. It is amazing how easily a young person can reach their true potential when properly nurtured and guided. Our plans are proceeding nicely. Soon, I will be able to reveal to the students the truth about their gifts and the mission that I have been grooming them for. Once they have taken their rightful places among the [illegible] and been reunited with [illegible], the Redemption Song will finally reach its crescendo and all of the downtrodden and meek shall rise to power, throwing off the yolks of their oppressors.

I fear that we have been betrayed. The leadership of the Church of [illegible] know too much about our plans. They must have a spy in one of our schools. If they ever discover the truth about our students, there is no doubt they will do everything they can to destroy what we have built. They will use the students and this can only lead to destruction and misery. I pray that I am not too late and that I can discover the identity of the spy before he knows too much.

I think I know who the spy is, and I cannot believe it. Betrayed by one of our own. I should have seen this coming. He was always so distant and difficult to reach. I never could tell what was really happening behind those cold eyes of his. I have but one choice. I must confront master [illegible] chance to confess and repent. But if he will not, I will do what must be done. We cannot endanger our entire plan and the fates of thousands over one lost youth.

Beneath the journal, the students find identification papers for every student in the school. The papers are identical to those used by the landless nobles to gain entry into Stoker’s Island.

There is also a pouch with 100 gold coins.

Faustus' Journal

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