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  • Church of the Immaculate Flame

    This page details the Church of the Immaculate Flame.

    The Church of the Immaculate Flame is a religious organization that venerates [[Immael]], the God of Fire. The Church is centered in the city of [[Greater New Sylarium Falls]].

  • Immael

    This page details Immael, the God of Flame.

    Immael, the God of Flame is part of the [[Sylarite Pantheon | pantheon]] extant on the continent of [[Sylarium]]. The center of Immael worship was once the [[Burning Temple]] in [[Old Sylarium Falls]], …

  • Redemption Song

    This page details the Redemption Song, a deity of sorts.

    The Redemption Song is a sort of deity popular with the poor and downtrodden in [[Greater New Sylarium Falls]] and other cities throughout eastern [[Caladan]]. The Redemption Song is not …

  • Glarud

    This page describes Glarud, the goddess of water.

    Glarud is the local water goddess in the [[Sylarite Pantheon | pantheon]] extant in [[Sylarium]]. The water goddess' worship was once centered in the [[Drowning Temple]] in [[Old Sylarium Falls]] …

  • Sylarite Pantheon

    This page details the Sylarite Pantheon, a religious system on the continent of [[Sylarium]].

    The following is a list of deities part of this pantheon:
    [[Glarud | Glarud, Goddess of Water]]
    [[Immael | Immael, God of Fire]] add more …