This page details the practice of gambling in Greater New Sylarium Falls and the surrounding areas.

Gambling is a cultural staple among the people of Sylarium and has been for many, many generations. There are many types of gambling, including casino games, street gambling, and betting on gladiatorial events. This document covers these three activities.

Casino Games
There is only one casino in Greater New Sylarium Falls, the Falling Star. This is considered a “high-class” place and only the wealthy and powerful are admitted. There are three table games offered at the Falling Star. The first is “21”, a card game in which a player must get to a value on his cards equal to or less than 21 and beat the competition and the house. This is a game in which betting escalates by rounds until the cards are revealed. “21” uses a standard deck of playing cards: 2-10, Knave, Queen, King, and Wizard. The second table game is “Minotaur”, a dice game in which a player must throw a total of 7 on two dice in order to win. Players bet on whether the thrower rolls a 7 or not. The third game is “The Wheel of Fortune”, in which a player spins a wheel on which various numbers are labeled, 0-99, and colored red or black. Players wager on what colors or numbers will come up on the wheel.

Street Gambling
In many of the poorer areas of the city, especially Dirt Row, Skeever’s Alley, and Worn Down, gambling in streets and alleys is popular. This is how the “lower classes” engage in gambling. There are two games popular in street gambling: “Minotaur”, the same dice game referenced above, and “Maiden’s Proof”, a card game in which the player must carefully watch a set of cards manipulated quickly by the host and wager on which card is the “Maiden”, which is the same as the Queen in a set of standard playing cards. Street gambling is more dangerous than playing games in a casino, but is free from the scrutiny of authority.

Betting on Gladiatorial Events
Wagering on events at the Blood Pit is commonplace. This is one location where both the poor and wealthy meet to bet on the gladiators. There are many different gladiator events: single matches, group matches, and exotic matches. Bettors can wager on any of these events. The house makes odds on each combatant (or side, in a group event) and a bettor must place a wager based on the odds. For example, if Brutus the Bruiser is favored by 3 coins, a bet for Brutus to win must be in sets of 3 coins. If Brutus wins, the bettor receives his wager plus 1 coin. If the bettor wagers on the “underdog”, he can place a 1 coin bet and, if the “underdog” wins, the bettor wins back his wager plus 3 coins.


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