Blood Pit

This page details the gladiatorial arena located in Greater New Sylarium Falls.

The Blood Pit is a gladiatorial arena located in the city of Greater New Sylarium Falls. The arena is popular with the poor and disadvantaged and also with the wealthy who own the gladiators themselves.

The arena is located on the small island between Stoker’s Island and the slums.

The arena consists of four sections, the pit where the gladiators fight, a 20 foot deep ring separated from the pit by a five foot wooden wall from where the poor may watch, a raised area containing rows of concrete benches for the merchant classes, and a ring of opulent booths above everything for the nobles. Each section has it’s own entrance, ensuring that the nobles and merchants need not encounter the poor.

Each section has it’s own food vendors and bet takers. It is quite common for the wooden wall to be breached during a fight and for the match to spill into the crowds of poor. One of the favorite bets among the merchants and nobles is how many of the worthless masses will be killed during the match.

Blood Pit

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