Former gladiator with revenge on his mind


3 XP

Appearance: Hard-eyed, shorn hair, scarred body, and barbaric costume
Race: Human
When you go among your fans after a great victory, it counts as the Carouse move with a 10+ result
Alignment: Lawful
Best an opponent in a fair fight

STR 17 (2)
DEX 13 (
CON 15 (1)
INT 9 (
WIS 8 (-1)
CHA 12 (+0)

Armor 1
HP 25

WILLIAM freed me from the arena.
BERTRAN would be dead if it weren’t for me. (RESOLVED)
I made ________ a lot of money with my victories.
KOLTAK bet against me once. Once.
(One reserved for new players)

ARSENAL: Years of fighting unpredictable foes in the arena have taught you to be prepared for just about anything. In addition to whatever primary weapons you carry, you’re loaded down with lethal oddments: bone darts, obsidian knives, razor-edged gloves, whatever. Your arsenal is abstract, disposable, not really a “thing”.

When you go into battle fully-equipped, you have 2 arsenal. You can have a maximum of 3 arsenal at any time.

Choose a look for your arsenal:
[X] Exotic

RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB: At any time, you can spend your arsenal, one-for-one, on the following effects:
Add a weapon tag from the following list or any ranged tag to your weapon for one move: +1 armor, +1d4 damage, forceful, messy, 2 piercing, precise, stun, thrown
Treat a single damage die as though it had rolled the maximum value

HE’S NOT USING IT ANYMORE: When you kill someone, gain 1 arsenal.

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?: When you grandstand for the benefit of anyone watching, roll + CHA. §On a 10+, take +1 ongoing until you roll a 6- on a move or your audience leaves. §On a 7-9, take +1 forward instead.

I’LL HAVE THAT: When you try to disarm a foe, roll + STR. §On a 10+, he’s disarmed and you gain 1 arsenal. §On a 7-9, he’s disarmed, but his weapon is way over there. You can get to it and gain 1 arsenal, but you’ll have to expose yourself to danger to do it.

Load: 10/14
1 coin, Arsenal (2 weight), Dungeon Rations (5 uses, 1 weight), Beast Hide Armor (1 armor, 1 weight), Adventuring Gear (5 uses, 1 weight), The Impaler (close, 2 piercing, messy, 2 weight), Battle Axe (close, messy, 1 weight), Punching Dagger (hand, +2 damage, 1 weight), Wicked Knife (hand, messy, 1 weight), 3 Healing Potions (0 weight), and Noble Papers.


Rake was only 13 when he was sent to the Blood Pit. He was previously a student at St Joseph School for the Gifted and Meek, but while he was out running errands for his teacher one night, Rake was captured by thugs working for a noble house and taken to the arena.

Rake soon learned that he was now a slave, soon to be sent into the Blood Pit to fight for glory and the affection of the crowd. If Rake died, he would be another poor youth sent to a bloody death on the sands of the arena. But Rake won his first bout and was showered with meager gifts. As a warrior who had survived, Rake was brought into a gladiator troupe under the mantle of House Thantris.

Over the next few years, Rake continued to win matches and won further glory and rewards. While the vast majority of Rake’s winnings went to House Thantris, there was no doubt that Rake was one of the best gladiators that had ever set foot in the Blood Pit. House Thantris both benefited from Rake’s wins, but also felt pressure to free the valiant gladiator.

Eventually, Mercen of House Thantris made plans to assassinate Rake in the arena. Mercen arranged to have poison applied to a blade that would be made available to one of Rake’s upcoming opponents. Rake was indeed poisoned and nearly died. In fact, Rake was assumed dead and was dragged out of the area, thrown onto a pile of dead gladiators from that day’s events.

But Rake did not die. He escaped the arena and avoided any notice. For all of the world, Rake was dead and his glorious days in the arena ended. Rake made his way back to St. Joseph’s School, only four years too late on his original errand.


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