Peter the Callow

Vibrant Defender of the Downtrodden


0 XP

Appearance: Sharp-eyed, bald, common garb, and thin body
Race: Human
When you Defy Danger from something related to your deity’s domain, take +1
Alignment: Lawful
Endanger yourself following the precepts of your church or god

STR 8 [-1]
DEX 12 0]
CON 13 [
INT 9 0]
WIS 16 [
CHA 15 [+1]

Armor 1
HP 19

________ has insulted my deity; I do not trust them.
I trust ________ implicitly; they are good and faithful.
_______ is in constant danger; I will keep them safe.
I am working on converting ________ to my faith.

Peter serves the Redemption Song, ancient spirit of the downtrodden and disadvantaged.
Controls the undying spirit of redemption and revenge
Represents hope and justice
Worshippers are the poor and oppressed
Enemies are the wealthy, powerful, and oppressive
Demands duty and sacrifice

INVOCATION: When you call out for your deity’s aid in a time of need, choose a Blessing and roll + WIS. §On a 10+, your deity will intervene on your behalf – the GM will tell you how. §On a 7-9, your deity will grant your Blessing, but you will also need to choose a Requirement.
• Your invocation manipulates the realm your deity Controls.
• Your invocation commands something your deity Represents.
• Your invocation bolsters your deity’s Worshippers.
• Your invocation rebukes your deity’s Enemies.
• Your invocation is obvious and immediate, drawing attention to you.
• The intervention is subtle or takes a while to manifest.
• Your deity demands something in return. The GM will tell you what.
• The divine experience leaves you dizzy with euphoria (or terror). You take -1 ongoing to Invoke until you have time to pray quietly for a while.

DIVINE WARD: When you call upon your deity for protection for yourself or an ally, roll + WIS. §On a 10+, grant two of the following effects to the subject of your prayers. §On a 7-9, grant one and your prayers draw unwanted attention.
• Heal 1d8 damage
• Take +2 armor forward
• Take +1 forward to Defy Danger
• An approaching enemy is driven back

LEAD THE FLOCK: When you preach to a mob, roll + CHA. §On a 10+, hold 3. §On a 7-9, hold 1. §On a miss, the mob turns on you. Spend your hold for the following:
• Bring people forward and deliver them to you
• Bring forward all their precious things
• Unite and fight for you
• Fall into a frenzy of emotion: joy, sorrow, or rage, as you choose

Load: 3/6
Dungeon Rations (5 uses, 1 weight), Priest’s Robes (0 weight), Symbol of the Redemption Song (0 weight), Staff (close, two-handed, 1 weight), Bandages (3 uses, 0 weight), and Blessed Leather Armor (1 armor, 1 weight)


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Peter the Callow

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