Very old man. Leather Armor, Staff.


I am a very old Human male. I have long white hair and a beard. I carry a staff, and wear leather armor. I have never spoken to anyone. All the children are afraid of me. Some even through rotten food at me. Every time you exit the orphanage I am there on the corner of the building just sitting there. The rumors are that I have been there since the orphanage was build some 90 years or more.


Appearance: Sharp Eyes, Thin Body. Worn Robes.

Alignment: Good ( Use magic to directly aid another.

STR: 8 “-1”
DEX: 9 “+0”
CON: 13 “+1”
INT: 16 “+2”
WIS: 15 “+1”
CHA: 12 “+0”



Sylarium Koltak