Tall and thin with wild hair, and a dragon tail.


STR 8 (-1)
DEX 9 (0)
CON 13 (
INT 16 (2)
WIS 15 (
CHA 12 (+0)

Damage: d4
HP: 17

Alignment: Neutral. Discover something about a magical mystery.

Race: Human. When you Parley, you can always offer to cast a spell as leverage.


I have shown the power of the arcane arts.
I suspect fears what they do not understand.
knows the secret to my powers.

Starting moves:

Arcane Learning: You are a font of esoteric knowledge. When you Spout Lore or Discern Realities about something magical or otherwise arcane, on a 10+ roll the GM will also tell you a little-known secret about the subject.

Cast a spell (INT): When you weave a spell to help solve a problem, describe it and roll INT. Spells cast this way can never deal damage directly. On a 10, the spell certainly helps, but choose one. On a 7-9, the spell takes effect, but choose two:
-Your spell won’t last long – you’ll need to hurry to take advantage of it.
-Your spell either affects much more or much less than you wanted it to.
-Your spell has unforeseen side effects and might draw unwanted attention.
-The casting saps your energy. Take -1 ongoing to INT until you have a few minutes to clear your head.
On a miss, something’s gone horribly wrong. Your spell may well have worked, but you will regret casting it.

Spell Focus: Your magical studies are centered on a particular kind of magic, an aspect of the metaphysical world from which you take inspiration. When you first learn magic, select a focus from the list and record it below.
When you weave a spell that is aligned to your focus, your modifier to the roll can’t be less than +1. When you weave a spell that is neither aligned nor opposed to your focus, take -1 to the roll. You can never weave a spell if it is opposed to your focus.

Focus: The Dragon
Look: Dragon tail
Aligned: Form of the Dragon, Burn with Fire or Passion, Reckless Destruction
Opposed: Healing or Repairing, Using Subtlety

Bag of Books (5 uses) and 3 healing potions
Three antitoxins


Young Bertram, a human mage, was trained by the head of the school, High Mage Faustus. Due to Bertram’s almost comical lack of coordination, Faustus refused to go show Bertram anything beyond the rudimentary elements of magic. It was only because of Bertram’s natural aptitude and several “accidents” involving fire, that Faustus agreed to any training at all.

Following Faustus’ untimely demise, Bertram has been beset by a brooding silence.


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