Episode 1: Cultists and Goblins and Robots, Oh My!!
Rake the Impaler Impales the Impaled, a lot.

The new owners of the [[St. Joseph School for the Gifted and Meek]] quickly discovered that not everything is as it seems. Through Koltak’s powers of divination and time manipulation, they learned that High Mage Faustus is not really dead, but a prisoner of the Church of the Immaculate Flame. They also discovered Faustus’ Journal and read about a mysterious plot being carried out by the followers of the Redemption Song. Following the various leads, the players were able to turn The Baker, a former operative of the Church of the Immaculate Flame to their side, and despite Koltak’s slight miscalculation on his aging spell, they hope that The Baker can lead them to the church.

The player’s were then contacted by Sir Frederick, a representative from the Redemption Song. Frederick asked them to form an alliance with the goblins outside town and to investigate the Cursed Wood. An alliance was formed, forged in saliva and vomit, and various alien, metal creatures were destroyed. The players, buoyed by the healing and uplifting melodies of William Ghost, and the impaling prowess of Rake, limped back to the orphanage with a metal trophy in tow.

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